Monday, September 15, 2008

Re: [GENERAL] Oracle and Postgresql

"Jonathan Bond-Caron" <> writes:

> What now prevents these other companies from stealing our inventory system
> and putting it into MS SQL server? And better yet, using the inventory
> system and selling it to other customers? Luckily copyright offers
> protection, but as we all know some companies always tend to stretch the
> rules as far as they can.

Well one thing which won't prevent it is DRM which an open source database has
the key to decrypt... All someone has to do is look at how Postgres decrypts
it and do the same thing.

Normally what prevents it is the value you offer in support and expertise with
the system you wrote. Why would someone want to put your inventory system in
an SQL Server anyways? You're not going to support it and they would be able
to support their system much better if they wrote it themselves.

The reality is that the value in software comes from the people supporting it.
Being able to add features as needed and fix problems that occur. The actual
bits of code are pretty worthless, they're cheap to produce.

Gregory Stark

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