Monday, September 15, 2008

Re: [ADMIN] Trouble setting up access privileges writes:
> The relevant line in pg_hba.conf is this:
> host all mette,mkrist md5

What are the *other* lines in pg_hba.conf?

> I can't find anything in the documentation about exceptions from the
> pg_hba.conf rules,

There aren't any. The likely explanations are that (1) some earlier
line in pg_hba.conf is capturing the connection, (2) you are looking
at the wrong copy of pg_hba.conf, (3) you edited pg_hba.conf but
forgot to SIGHUP the postmaster, (4) you have a ~/.pgpass file on
the client side that is silently supplying a password in some of
these cases.

regards, tom lane

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