Friday, September 26, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] Meridiem markers (was: [BUGS] Incorrect "invalid AM/PM string" error from to_timestamp)

"Alex Hunsaker" <> writes:
> However that still leaves the original complaint around (at least IMHO):

> select to_timestamp('AN', 'AM');
> ERROR: invalid AM/PM string

> select to_timestamp('11:47 PM 27 Sep a2008', 'HH:MI PM DD Mon YYYY');
> ERROR: invalid value for "YYYY" in source string

Yeah, it would be a lot better if it said

ERROR: invalid value for "YYYY": "a2008"

The DETAIL is good too, but it's no substitute for showing the exact
substring that the code is unhappy about.

regards, tom lane

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