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[pgadmin-support] [Fwd: Re: sudden program termination: no warning, error, or crash]

Hi Kev!

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Subject: Re: sudden program termination: no warning, error, or crash
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 10:45:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kev <>
To: Erwin Brandstetter <>

On Jun 4, 6:11 pm, Erwin Brandstetter <> wrote:
> Hi Kev!
> On May 28, 2:27 pm, Kev <> wrote:> Hi everyone,
> > I've had this problem maybe three times in the past few months and
> > didn't think much of it, but since it happened again yesterday I
> > thought I'd report it. Unfortunately I can't remember what I was
> > doing at the time, I think just interacting with the main window
> > somehow, like clicking on a tree node, possibly. Whatever it was, it
> > was a routine action and I was in the middle of just using the program
> > normally, when all of the sudden, the pgAdmin window disappears
> > completely, along with its taskbar entry, and is no longer running at
> > all. In the Task Manager it is not listed. Just instantaneously no
> > longer running with no other indication that anything went wrong.
> > This is under Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2.
> (...)
> It is hard to comment on that at all if you don't remember what you
> did to trigger the crash. Even harder if you don't mention your
> version of pgadmin. (!)
> A couple bugs causing crashes like that have been fixed in the past. A
> few more for the upcoming release 1.8.4. An upgrade might help.
> Regards
> Erwin

Sorry, I forgot about this thread, but it just happened again, this
time, the 1.8.4 rev from June 4th.

And this time, it was that I had just dropped a db that I had open in
the browser. It normally complains with the same popup five times,
then asks if I want to close the browser, which it did, I think I hit
Enter on the default by accident, whatever that is. Then it just sat
there for a few moments, and disappeared. Normally I can do this drop
operation with pgAdmin in the middle of browsing it, no problem,
although it is easier if I remember to just close that part of the
browse tree, refresh on the server entry after drop+recreate, and only
then drill down again.

Is there something in Windows that kills processes if they seem to be
in an infinite loop? Maybe it's doing that.
Another thing, the Application Log in Event Viewer said this after
this time (not sure about before):

"Faulting application pgadmin3.exe, version, faulting module
comctl32.dll, version 6.0.3790.3959, fault address 0x0003a88c."

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