Friday, September 19, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] 8.3.1 autovacuum stopped doing anything months ago

On Friday 19 September 2008 00:23:34 Jeffrey Baker wrote:
> Anyway, I have some issues. One, of course, is that the autovacuum should
> not have been deadlocked or otherwise stalled like that. Perhaps it needs
> a watchdog of some kind. Has anyone else experienced an issue like that in
> 8.3.1? The only thing I can see in the release notes that indicates this
> problem may have been fixed is the following:

We have several checks in the check_postgres script which are in this area
(warnings for approaching autovacuum freeze max age, warnings when approching
xid wrap, monitoring of tables analyze/vacuum activity) Those can at least
alert you to problems before they become too big a hassle.

> Secondly, there really does need to be an autovacuum=off,really,thanks so
> that my maintenance can proceed without competition for i/o resources. Is
> there any way to make that happen? Is my SIGSTOP idea dangerous?

If Heikis solution applies, it's better (see also vacuum_freeze_min_age) , but
if its too late for that, you can go into single user mode, which will
prevent autovacuum; it's a bit more heavy handed though.

Robert Treat
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