Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Re: [ADMIN] turning of pg_xlog

Jonny wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installes Postgres 8.0.15 on a embedded Linux and have only 130
> MB for Postgres.
> Is it possible to turn off the comlete (Wal) pg_xlog? Because this is
> the biggest part.
> I found an Entry how to minimize the count of stored xlogs.
> Is it possible to store it to /dev/null or something else?
> Something like ln -s /dev/null pg_xlog/ (I know this does not work
> :-) ....
You should also understand that if you set checkpoint_segments to a
small number, its still possible that PostgreSQL might use more than
that number for a large transaction. As such, be careful about limiting
the space available to your xlogs, lest it cause transactions to fail
due to insufficient space for the xlogs.

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