Monday, September 8, 2008

Re: [pgsql-advocacy] Ohio LinuxFest Booth

On Sat, 2008-09-06 at 13:11 -0400, Melanie wrote:
> Honestly, no paper will make it easier to talk him into it without a
> talk than with one. What are the details? Is the booth set up for 2
> days or 1? What is handed out? When is set up? I've worked booths
> in other worlds before, is this something where things are already set
> up and we're just basically sitting talking with people? I'd assume
> so based on we don't have a booth to take and set up. We attended PG
> West last year and it isn't on the plan for this year anyhow. Andrew
> is about 65% sold on the idea and Columbus is about 8 hours from us,
> not too bad of a drive.

Hello Melanie,

You're correct, you wouldn't need to take a full both or table along.
We would need to coordinate getting swag, pamphlets and other printed
information, and banners and decorations and things like that, though.

Basically the conference would set up a table in whichever location
they've chosen for the PG booth. In previous years I don't recall any
booth being out in the open, so it's probably a fairly safe assumption
that there would be a wall behind you for a banner.

Once the table is set up, many open source enthusiasts and other
interested parties will stop by and ask all kinds of questions about
Postgres (which generally tended to be in the form of "How does it
compare to Database X?") And occasionally someone will drop by just to
express their support and donate, or grab swag and run, or even take
your picture - I was never able to figure that one out.

Most of the booth activity takes place between panels; it's relatively
idle the rest of the time. The conference also takes place only that
Saturday. An eight hour drive isn't too bad (that's about what it was
from here to East, and that was a solo drive) but keep in mind the
conference is only one day...

> I'm copying the list, I realized I didn't do a reply all the last
> time.

- Josh Williams

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