Monday, September 8, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] For what should pg_stop_backup wait?

Simon Riggs <> writes:
>> So thinking we should test XLogArchiveCheckDone() for both
>> stopxlogfilename and history file and then stat for the stop WAL file:

> This seems better.

Somehow I missed the 5-Apr patch that introduced this bogosity.
Next time you make a fundamental change in the behavior of a function,
how about updating its comment to match?

After studying it for a minute, I think that XLogArchiveCheckDone no
longer even has a clearly explainable purpose; it needs to be split
into two functions with two different behaviors. I plan to revert
XLogArchiveCheckDone to its previous behavior and introduce
XLogArchiveIsBusy (flipping the sense of the result) to use in

regards, tom lane

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