Sunday, September 28, 2008

Re: [NOVICE] absolute novice wanting knowledgeable opinion about front end

This was interesting and the comments in the article about Access's ease of use
being a bain or boon is appropriate. But it made it easy toy to target ourselves
and not have to muck thru a generic db app.

I'm not planning to mix front and back end's.

So far I found report generators and sql builders. Form builders will be more
difficult to find. The ones in MSaccess integrate a lot of their GUI app
features and are very powerful. For example columns can be greyed out or not
depending on content. The forms in Access are often used to make up for it's
lack of data security that would probably be handled by postgres's ACID
compliance. I need to educate myself on ACID compliance and other SQL that is
new and improved over Msaccess spec.

I see I would have to rewrite a lot of Access functions also.

What would be nice is if someone had a sample DB and frontend that mimic's
Access's 'Northwind traders' sample.

Anyway thanks for the replies from everyone.

>> (Anyone want to start putting together a page on
>> about Access compatibility?)
>> regards, tom lane
> If it helps we wrote a quick one. I think its already listed on the
> wiki too.
> Hope that helps,
> Regina
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