Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] WIP patch: Collation support

Zdenek Kotala escribió:
> Gregory Stark napsal(a):

>> AFAIK we can't easily connect to the new database and do some fiddling with
>> it, can we? If we could we could check if there are any non-empty indexes
>> which depend on the collation and only print the warning if we find any (and
>> even mark them invalid).
> Autovacum uses InitPostgres function to swith to another database. I'm
> not sure how much safe it is in create database command and when we are
> already switched we can reindex affected indexes.

It's only supposed to work if you're not previously connected to any
database. (Autovacuum never "switches to another database"; any
particular worker only connects to a single database).

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