Sunday, September 21, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] Toasted table not deleted when no out of line columns left



>> Judging from that, the toasted table
>> cleanup may be part of ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN.
> That would only help if you were dropping the last potentially-
> toastable
> column of a table. And implementing it would require introducing
> weird
> corner cases into the tuple toaster, because it might now come across
> TOAST pointers that point to a no-longer-existent table, and have to
> consider that to be a no-op instead of an error condition.
> regards, tom lane


in our test case we had a table with 10 integer columns (nothing else)
along with a 10 gb toast table - this is why we were a little surprised.
in this case it can definitely be cleaned up.
it is clear that we definitely don't want to change columns directly
here when a column is dropped. - however, if there is not a single
toastable column left, we should definitely clean up.
we will compile a patch within the next days to cover this case.

many thanks,


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