Sunday, September 21, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] [patch] fix dblink security hole

Joe Conway <> writes:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> So that seems to tilt the decision towards exposing the conninfo_parse
>> function. Joe, do you want to have a go at it, or shall I?

> Here's a first shot.

Hmm ... one problem with this is that the caller can't tell
failure-because-out-of-memory from failure-because-string-is-bogus.
That doesn't matter for your proposed dblink patch, but I had been
thinking of documenting that if someone wanted to get an error message
explaining just what was wrong with the conninfo string, they could
try to open a connection with it and use the resulting failure message.
But it's just barely conceivable that the PQconnect call *wouldn't* fail
because out-of-memory. (Not very likely in a sequential application,
but definitely seems possible in a multithreaded app --- some other
thread could release memory meanwhile.) Is it worth having the
PQconninfoParse function pass back the error message to avoid this
corner case? The API would be a lot more ugly, perhaps

int PQconninfoParse(const char *connstr,
PQconninfoOption **options,
char **errmsg)

okay: *options is set, *errmsg is NULL, return true
bogus string: *options is NULL, *errmsg is set, return false
out of memory: both outputs NULL, return false

regards, tom lane

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