Sunday, September 21, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] [patch] fix dblink security hole

Joe Conway <> writes:
> If we push the responsibility back to dblink, we might as well export
> conninfo_parse() or some wrapper thereof and let dblink simply check for
> a non-null password from the very beginning.

That's not totally unreasonable, since we already export the
PQconninfoOption struct ...

> Or perhaps we should modify conninfo_parse() to throw an error if it
> sees the same option more than once. Then dblink could prepend
> pgpassfile (or ignore_pgpass) to the beginning of the connstr and not
> have to worry about being overridden. Not sure if the backward
> compatibility hit is worth it though.

... but I think I like the second one better; multiple specifications of
an option seem like probably a programming error anyway. It's a close
call though. Exporting the parse code might enable other uses besides
this one.

In either case we'd still need a check after connection to verify that
the password actually got *used*, so I guess that
PQconnectionUsedPassword isn't dead, just incomplete.

regards, tom lane

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