Thursday, September 18, 2008

Re: [ADMIN] Regaining superuser access

On Sep 18, 2:35 pm, (Glyn Astill) wrote:
> > The server only has one superuser, and for some reason he
> > decided to
> > remove the logon privilege on this user in PgAdmin III. So
> > now he has
> > lost superuser access to the database server.
> > Is there some way to override this setting? Or some way to
> > trick
> > PostgreSQL into creating a new superuser without superuser
> > access?
> Start it up in single user mode?

Thanks a bunch!

After a lot of fiddling with being able to enter single user mode on a
windows machine (I had to figure out how to run the command line as
the correct user, then for some reason -D didn't work, but SET
PGDATA=xxx worked), I finally managed to fix my problem.

You saved my user's day (of course *I* would never do something that


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