Thursday, September 18, 2008

[BUGS] BUG #4424: Change PostGreSQL Password Affects

The following bug has been logged online:

Bug reference: 4424
Logged by: Michael Ojukwu
Email address:
PostgreSQL version: 8.1
Operating system: Windows Server 2003 R2
Description: Change PostGreSQL Password Affects


We are having an issue with changing a password to connect to the PostGreSQL
database using the pgAdmin3 application. We are moving this application to a
new server and have installed the WS_FTP Server on the new box. It works
fine. The problem that we are experiencing is that the password for the
PostGreSql server has been lost. We saw and article on how to change this
password but how will WS_FTP Server communicate with the database if the
password has been changed. What problems will this cause for this WS_FTP
Server application setting? Will they communicate or is it something we have
to do to get them back in sync?

Thanks, Mike


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