Monday, September 22, 2008

Re: [lapug] Requesting LAPUG Speakers for Next Year

Richard Broersma wrote:
> We have open slots for speakers starting January of 2009.

Fantastic and scary at the same time! :) I know as I have been actively
involved with the leadership of numerous user groups in Southern
California, and booking speakers is both easy and difficult. The easy
part is finding people for a topic. The hard part is figuring out topics
people want speakers on. :)
> I would
> like to open an invitation to anyone that would like to present
> something PG or DB related to LAPUG.

I would be willing to present in February on using geospatial data in
Postgresql (including data loading and client tools) if anyone is
interested in that?
> Perhaps we could even try our
> hand at having lightning talks were several volunteers give a 5 minute
> discussion on a particular subject.

Yes. That would be incredibly cool! More and more groups I am involved
with have been taking this approach lately with great success.
> I look for to hearing from you!
> Also, I would like to start a dialog regarding meeting nights. Would
> anyone like to proposed having meetings on nights other than Fridays?

I am ok with Friday nights but not opposed to other nights. Just be
aware of potentially conflicting group meetings. See

for details on other events.

I think Wednesday is pretty safe with no conflicts.

Charles Wyble (818) 280 - 7059
CTO Known Element Enterprises / SoCal WiFI project

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