Monday, September 22, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] get_relation_stats_hook()

Hm, I assume we want to be able to turn on and off plugins in a running
session? I think the "free_using_plugin" flag:

! if (get_relation_stats_hook)
! vardata->statsTuple = (*get_relation_stats_hook)
! (rte->relid,
! var->varattno);
! if (vardata->statsTuple)
! vardata->free_using_plugin = true;
! else
! vardata->statsTuple = SearchSysCache(STATRELATT,

is insufficient to handle this. vardata->free_using_plugin could be true but
by the time the variable is released the plugin pointer could have been
cleared. Or worse, set to a different plugin.

The easiest way to fix this seems like also the best way, instead of storing a
boolean store the pointer to the release function.

Gregory Stark
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