Thursday, September 25, 2008

Re: [ADMIN] Strange highload on server

"Aras Angelo" <> writes:
> We have been running our database server without any problem or reboot at
> all for a year. Yesterday we needed to change servers so we went ahead and
> installed the same postgresql version (8.2.1), restored the database files,
> ran some tests offline. Everything was good. As soon as we launch the site
> and the traffic hits the server, the load is going up to the sky, and the
> top command lists nothing but postgres processes. Strangely, even if i kill
> Apache and stop the traffic, somehow the load doesnt cool down, so i thought
> this might be an issue with postgres processes not timing out or something.
> But we use a very minimal config and the same config was being used in our
> other server without any problem.

I suspect you forgot to re-ANALYZE your tables after reloading all the

BTW, running a production site on 8.2.1 borders on negligence. You're
missing more than a year and a half's worth of bug fixes, including at
least one serious risk of data loss.

regards, tom lane

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