Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Re: [HACKERS] Proposal of SE-PostgreSQL patches (for CommitFest:Sep)

Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Peter, I am confused how the above statement relates to a posting you
> made a week ago:
> Now these items are arguably useful and welcome features in their own
> right. Unfortunately, this patch has chosen to provide these features in
> a way that makes them accessible to the least amount of users. And
> moreover, it bunches them all in one feature, while they should really
> be available independently.

I just want to distinguish the causalities in the various arguments that
are being made. There are many ways to approach this, two of which
could be:

We want MAC => SELinux is the only proven way to implement MAC => let's
take the patch


SELinux is way too complex => We don't take the patch => Figure out the
MAC issue some other way

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